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Bristol Annexation
On Monday, February 1, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board considered the implications of the adoption of two, Village of Bristol, resolutions (Nos. 16-09 and 17-09) in late December of 2009. Through legal counsel, the Village of Pleasant Prairie will notify the Village of Bristol that Pleasant Prairie considers Bristol’s recent application for an order for an annexation referendum as a material breach of the 1997 Settlement and Cooperation Agreement between the municipalities.

As part of the 1997 Agreement, Pleasant Prairie agreed not to oppose incorporation of Bristol’s Town Center, provided that the incorporated area lies “entirely west of the line formed by the west boundary of Sections 3, 10, 15, 22, 27, and 34 of the Town,” a line which lies to the west of Highway MB, and provided that no actions that were inconsistent with the provisions or intent of the agreement would be taken. Pleasant Prairie believes that Bristol’s actions constitute a breach of that agreement, given that immediately after it’s recent incorporation, the interim government for the newly incorporated Village of Bristol is seeking to annex lands that lie farther east of the boundary outlined in the agreement.

“In effect, we believe that Bristol is in breach of the 1997 Agreement by first incorporating a smaller portion of the municipality and then attempting to annex the remaining Town of Bristol beyond the boundaries it initially agreed to,” explained Mike Pollocoff, Pleasant Prairie Village Administrator. “We are formally asking Bristol officials to come to the table, in good faith, to resolve this matter in an upfront manner.” Per a provision in the agreement, Pleasant Prairie wishes to meet promptly with Bristol in order to resolve the matter in an amicable fashion, and in a way that will best meet the needs of both communities.

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