What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Village Receives Land Donation
In late December 2009, the Village of Pleasant Prairie received a land donation of approximately 85.5 acres from C-94 Partnership, LLP based out of Racine, Wisconsin. The 85.5 acres is roughly located east of I-94, west of River Road and south of County Highway C, within the Des Plaines River Watershed. The land is valued at $530,000 and consists largely of wetlands.

C-94 Partnership will retain approximately 7 acres of developable land between I-94 and the recently reconstructed East Frontage Road, while the Village intends to preserve the donated wetlands in their natural state for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to the community. The donated land is located near the northwestern corner of conservancy land within Prairie Springs Park, also within the Des Plaines River Watershed. It is also near the outlet of a future bike trail to be constructed during 2010. The granular trail will run between Prairie Springs Park and River Road.

Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator explained, “In the future, it’s conceivable that this recently donated land will become part of Prairie Springs Park.” Pollocoff added, “If conditions permit, the Village may also consider the construction of a natural network of paths through the area in order for the community to better enjoy and understand the preserved lands.” Preserving open green spaces, such as wetlands in the Des Plaines Watershed, is becoming increasingly important as a means to manage storm water runoff and reduce water pollution in our natural waterways.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie would like to publicly thank C-94 partnership for their donation of the land in the public interest. “We thank C-94 Partnership for recognizing the importance of this land and the need to protect it,” added Pollocoff. “Their donation will enhance preservation efforts and add to the public’s enjoyment of natural open spaces.

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