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Your Help is Needed
The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is requesting that citizens donate used and
unneeded cell phones. The donated cell phones are providing a double benefit for the community through 911 Cell Phone Bank program.

The used phones are being sent to the 911 Cell Phone Bank. For every donated phone, the department receives the market value (a minimum of 50 cents) and access to one working 911 phone from the Cell Phone Bank for distribution within the community to victims of abuse or seniors in need. The 911 phones are distributed free of charge and can only be used to dial 911. Funds raised through the program are used to support the department’s K-9 program. During 2009, the department collected 203 used cell phones, which in turn generated approximately $100 for the K-9 program.

911 Cell Phone Bank is a nationwide program designed to put used and unneeded cell phones to work in communities where they are needed. The Bank provides a readily available supply of 911 cell phones to meet the needs of participating law enforcement and affiliated victim’s services agencies. Since it’s inception in May 2004, the program has provided some 60,000 phones and hundreds of thousands of dollars to communities nationwide.

“The fundraising aspect of this program is great but it is secondary to our having the ability to place a 911 cell phone in the hands of an abuse victim or a senior citizen living alone who otherwise might not have
the ability to call for help when needed,” said Pleasant Prairie Police Chief Brian Wagner. “To me, that is the real value of this program,” he said.

Old cell phones can be dropped off at the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 8600 Green Bay Road. The entrance to the Police Department is on the east side of the building. Drop boxes are also available at RecPlex, 9900 Terwall Terrace, and both Pleasant Prairie Fire Stations, at 8044 88th Avenue or 9915 39th Avenue. In addition to cell phones, the department will also accept any type of rechargeable batteries which will be responsibly recycled.

To learn more about the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, please click here. More information about 911 Cell Phone Bank is available at 911CellPhoneBank.org.

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