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CDA to Redevelop Property
Pleasant Prairie’s Community Development Authority (CDA) has plans to redevelop the former Midwest Copier/Manutronics property located at 9115 26th Avenue. Redevelopment goals for the property, which is located in a largely residential area, include: alleviating flooding in the area; providing short-term, indoor storage for off-season public works equipment; and developing a small business or light industrial incubator to assist entrepreneurs with the start-up of a local, small business. Long-term, as circumstances permit, the CDA envisions the entire property becoming a neighborhood park.

The Community Development Authority purchased the property for $475,000 at the end of 2009. It was assessed at $477,000, but listed at $549,000. A 25,448 square foot building currently sits on the 2.25-acre parcel. A small portion of the building was originally built in 1920. Multiple building expansions have been constructed over the years. The most recent expansion took place in 1986, while Pleasant Prairie was still a town. In 1986, a pre-existing creek running across the property was channeled into a culvert, and the final expansion was completed on the north side of the building. A parking lot was also installed above the culvert on the eastern portion of the site.

The Village will now proceed with plans to remove the 1986 addition, remove the storm culvert and remove the asphalt parking lot on the east side of the property. The Village will then reinstall a natural channel or creek to improve the flow of storm water and alleviate flooding. A creek still exists on either side of the property. The creek will have gently sloping sides, and the remaining area will be reseeded and used as an open park space. The Village has applied for a Community Development Block Grant to help cover the costs of the demolition and stream restoration. The Village will learn in February if the grant funds have been approved.

In addition, the Village has plans to use approximately 16,500 square feet of the remaining building for inside storage of off-season public works equipment. During winter months, the building will be used to store items such as lawn mowers, landscaping items and Village garbage and recycle bins. During warmer months, the building will be used to store snow plowing and other cold weather equipment.

Approximately 4,000 square feet will be dedicated for use as a small business or light industrial incubator. This portion would accommodate a shared business space and shared business resources for screened applicants to grow a new small business. The project has been named the Springbrook Innovation Center.

To see a depiction of the proposed plans, please see the downloadable PDF below.

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