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Lifesaving Award
During a January 5 meeting of the Pleasant Prairie Village Board, Officer Derek Andrews of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department was presented with the department’s Lifesaving Award. The award is presented to members of the department who “clearly and directly” save a life or prevent bodily harm that would have resulted in a death. Officer Andrews received the award in response to a call he responded to in late May of 2009.

Officer Andrews was assigned to investigate a loud noise complaint. Upon arriving at the location, Officer Andrews found a vehicle that was partially engulfed in flames and smoke. After contacting dispatch and requesting assistance from Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue, he obtained a fire extinguisher from the trunk of his squad car and approached the van. Upon his approach, Officer Andrews observed what appeared to be an unconscious adult male behind the steering wheel while flames and smoke were visible in the passenger compartment. Without the benefit of protective fire clothing, Officer Andrews pulled the disoriented man from the vehicle and proceeded to empty his fire extinguisher onto the vehicle. When Fire & Rescue personnel arrived on scene, the vehicle was fully engulfed in fire and an additional vehicle parked nearby had also caught fire.

Through his quick response to the situation and his subsequent actions, Officer Andrews saved this man’s life. The Village of Pleasant Prairie and the entire Pleasant Prairie Police Department wish to extend sincere congratulations to Officer Andrews for his heroic response and thank him for his dedication in service. Pleasant Prairie Chief of Police, Brian Wagner, added, “Our community is indeed fortunate to have an officer of Derek Andrew’s ability and dedication in its service.”

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