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Village Approach to 2010
Planning for the 2010 budget began this past summer. As Village department heads evaluated their 2009 income and expenses, they continued to encounter economic challenges, similar to those that both businesses and individuals have been facing around the nation since the end of 2008. As they then evaluated the need for projects or replacements in the upcoming year, department heads considered the likelihood that similar challenges could continue into the year ahead and beyond. Their goal was to maintain a high level of service for Village residents for a reasonable cost.

In late October, a public working session was held to review proposed budgets for the General Government departments. The General Fund budget was formally presented to the Village Board on November 2 and approved after a public hearing on November 23. The Pleasant Prairie Village Board holds the ultimate responsibility for approving or rejecting the Village budget as presented by the Village Administrator. They review and question individual components in the budget and request modifications to budget plans during the process.

Since incorporation in 1989, the Village has taken a steady and consistent approach towards creating a balance between economic development, residential growth and recreational resources. This balance has lent a certain level of stability to our local tax base and has left the Village in a good position to weather the remnants of the global economic recession.

Though it has been necessary to take measures to offset the ongoing economic challenges, the Village Board and staff remain committed to providing high-quality municipal services for a fair cost, while keeping the Village portion of your property tax payment at a stable level. The Village Board and staff will again enter the new year with a conservative and watchful approach, while continuing to focus on high-quality public safety services and roadway improvements. The Village will continue to:

use impact fees to cover the cost of new growth
maintain Municipal Levy LImits at the rate allowed by the State
use debt reduction to purchase capital and resurface roads
limit the number of new budget programs for 2010
borrow only for major Village-wide capital purchases
maintain a Reserve Fund balance above 15%
only use the Fund balance as a last resort

While taking these steps to safeguard municipal investments and operations, the Village remains committed to attracting new economic development in order to supplement the tax base and provide a more balanced and stable financial environment. The Village is continuing efforts to attract new business to the corporate park and will continue to invest in infrastructure within Tax Incremental District #2 in preparation for the economic turnaround. When economic development is ready to move forward, the Village will be prepared to take it in stride.

Pages four and five of the December Village Newsletter offer an overview of the 2010 General Government Budget along with an outline of the capital purchases planned for 2010. If you would like more detail related to the 2010 budget, please click here. Watch for more information related to the Enterprise Fund budgets for Solid Waste, Sewer, Water and Clean Water Utilities in an upcoming issue of the Village Newsletter.

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