What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

85th and 91st Streets
The stretch of 85th Street between Green Bay Road and Cooper Road reopened this past month. Reconstruction of the roadway began this spring following a public informational meeting that was held in late April. Improvements to the roadway were made to help accommodate increasing traffic levels in a safe manner.

As part of the reconstruction project: a portion of sanitary sewer main was replaced; the road was widened to match profiles to the east and west; storm sewer was installed; and curb and gutter were installed. Bicycle lanes have also been marked on both sides of the road from Old Green Bay Road to 39th Avenue.

Portions of the project that are still outstanding are the installation of traffic signals at Cooper Road and 85th Street, and the installation of street trees and landscaping. Traffic signals are expected to be installed by the end of December. Landscaping and street trees are expected to be installed next spring. As a project enhancement, bicycle lanes were also striped on both sides of 80th Street, and a sidewalk was extended to Cooper Road along 80th. The enhancements were made to improve safety on 80th Street for pedestrian and bicycle traffic to a local school along the street.

Though some restoration work surrounding the roadway remains, roadwork on 91st Street, east of Sheridan Road, is complete. Work on the roadway began in September and included pulverizing, paving and striping a 1,600-foot section of the road. As part of striping, a bicycle lane on the south side of 91st Street was re-marked to connect with the lane that exists east of the railroad tracks. In addition, a curbed median was constructed on both sides of the Union Pacific railroad crossing to deter cars from driving around lowered safety gates.

Costs for this project were shared evenly with the City of Kenosha, because this portion of the roadway runs between both municipalities. Landscape restoration work is planned for the spring of 2010.

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