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General Fund Budget
At the end of November, after holding a public hearing, the Village Board approved the 2010 General Government budget. The 2010 budget, as approved, will result in a 3.92%, or $.015, increase in the Village tax levy. For a home in the Village valued at $242,600, this will translate into a $3.71 increase in the Village portion of the property tax bill. Pleasant Prairie’s portion accounts for approximately 19% of the average resident’s property tax bill. See the PDF below to learn who receives the rest of your property tax payment.

The 2009 Village tax levy, the amount of property tax collected, was $8,493,386, while the 2010 levy is $8,826,652, an increase of $333,266. Though the Village trimmed operating expenses for 2010 by $160,000, revenue, or income, from non-property tax sources is expected to decrease by more than $400,000. The anticipated decrease in revenue is in large part due to the decline in permits and fees related to new construction and development in the Village. The tax levy increase translates into a $.015 increase in the Mill Rate, bringing the Mill Rate for 2010 to $3.395. Between 2002 and 2007, the Mill Rate had decreased from $4.46 to $3.10; due to growth in the community and the Village having complied with self-imposed and State-imposed levy limits.

In order to make this budget balance within the State levy limit, a general freeze was placed on employee salaries, and additional measures to save personnel costs were implemented. Service hours for the Building Inspection department were also reduced as part of efforts to balance the budget. (See article Notice of New Hours for more information.)

With certain aspects of economic recovery still unknown and the expectation of a delayed reaction on municipal finances, the Village will continue to take a cautious approach to planning in upcoming years.

If you would like to learn more about Pleasant Prairie’s 2010 budget, please click here.

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