What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Project Update
During late August, the Therapeutic Recreation Department at LakeView RecPlex took delivery of a new “Easy On” bus. The department was awarded a 2008 Freedom Grant in the amount of $83,858 to purchase the bus. Throughout 2008, staff worked with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to develop specifications for the bus that would best meet the needs of its primary users.

The new bus will be used to transport senior citizens and people with disabilities who have no other means of transportation. The program will aim to serve specific areas of the Village of Pleasant Prairie, the City of Kenosha, and the town of Somers. Transportation has been proposed for group homes, home bound persons with disabilities, care and rehab centers, and for adaptive physical education courses, all on a weekly basis.

Along with the grant monies, the new transportation program will be funded with client fares, revenue generated from the lease of land for cellular towers, and with proceeds from the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon. Staff is currently working to finalize the routes the bus will take, setting the bus fares, and hiring drivers. “We are very excited that we’ll soon be able to meet this need that has existed for some time,” commented Erin Winch, Director of Therapeutic Recreation for the Village. “We would like to thank all those who have helped us reach this goal. This service would not have been possible without their help.”

Those who would like to learn more about fares and routes for the new transportation services are asked to call 262/925-6747 or to email TR@plprairie.com.

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