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I-94 Frontage Roads
Jurisdiction of the I-94 frontage roads will transfer to the State on completion of work on the West I-94 Frontage Road...

As part of a continuing effort to prepare for future economic development west of I-94, the Village is working to realign the West Frontage Road between Highway C on the north and Highway 165 to the south. The project was financed with funds borrowed by Tax Incremental District (TID) #2. Debt for work in a TID is repaid with property taxes from businesses within the district. Once the debt is repaid, property taxes from businesses within the district are directed back to the taxing entities.

At present, Pleasant Prairie maintains jurisdiction over the I-94 frontage roads within the Village limits. Upon the completion of the work on the West Frontage Road, however, jurisdiction for all I-94 frontage roads will be transferred to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The transfer is being made at the request of the State. The State has decided to maintain responsibility for all relocated frontage roads, along with portions of their intersecting roadways within Kenosha and Racine Counties.

As part of the agreement to transfer jurisdiction, the State will reimburse the Village for a portion of cost of the newly constructed frontage roads. Over a period of four years, the Village will receive $7.2 million from the State, which will help to pay down debt in TID #2. In addition to helping to pay down the TID debt, the transfer will help reduce Village road maintenance expenses, as the State will hold the financial responsibility for maintaining the frontage roads and performing functions such as snow plowing and salting. The jurisdictional transfer is expected to take effect between November and December of 2009.

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