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Solid Waste and Recycling
New Solid Waste and Recycling Contracts Awarded by Pleasant Prairie

July 30, 2009 — On Monday, July 20, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board considered and approved new solid waste (garbage) and recycling contracts. The former solid waste contract expires on August 16, and the Village had been working under a temporary recycling contract since early June, when a former provider was unable to meet their obligations. The new solid waste and recycling contracts were awarded to Veolia Environmental Services. A new contract for television and computer recycling was awarded to Dynamic Recycling, while a new contract for disposal of white goods (items such as appliances) was awarded to Intercon Solutions.

Under the new solid waste contract, the Village will pay a total cost of $38.50 per ton of garbage. Under the new recycling contract, the cost to the Village will vary based on the health of the recycling market. The Village could collect as much as $4,600 per month in a “high” market, but could pay as much as $13,000 per month in a “no market” situation. With the current state of the recycling market, the estimated monthly cost to the Village is $5,000.

Additionally, the Village will pay Dynamic Recycling $.165 per pound for television recycling, $.15 per pound for computer monitor recycling, $.11 per pound for miscellaneous electronic recycling and will receive $.05 per pound for CPU recycling. The Village will also pay Intercon Solutions a total of $.195 per pound for the disposal of white goods. “We’ve solicited very detailed bids from solid waste and recycling providers in an effort to find the best rates available,” explained John Steinbrink Jr., Pleasant Prairie Director of Public Works. “We’ve found service providers that are willing to provide high quality services at the best possible prices, and that’s in line with what we strive to provide for our Village residents.” The new contracts will take effect upon the expiration of the current contracts.

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