What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Seasonal Road Work
Seasonal paving and road construction projects have been progressing throughout the Village. Phase one paving of a portion of 93rd Street was completed in early May west of Cooper Road. Phase two paving projects are now underway and include:
• pulverizing and grading existing roadway, installing asphalt, and
lane striping on 93rd Street between 39th Avenue and Springbrook Road;
• pulverizing and grading existing roadway and installing asphalt on
48th Avenue between 85th Street and 85th Place; and
• various stages of developer funded paving in Tobin Woods.

The phase two paving projects will be completed by Payne & Dolan, Inc. of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Plans are for work in each of the areas to take place concurrently.

Residential developers in the Village will also be working on seasonal paving projects. Developer paving projects in the Village will be completed at:
• King’s Cove (18th Avenue) and
• Creekside Hill (114th Place)

• The reconstruction of 85th Street is continuing. The project is
expected to be complete by late fall of this year.
• The resurfacing of 91st Street east of Sheridan Road will
begin in early August. In addition to resurfacing, a median will be
constructed at the train crossing to deter cars from driving around
lowered safety gates at the quiet zone crossing.

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