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50-Meter Pool
On June 22, the Village broke ground on a new 50-meter, Olympic-size pool at RecPlex. Work on the new pool is underway. The project is expected to provide work for approximately 60 trades people, across various disciplines.

During the planning process for the pool, guided by Partners In Design Architects, Riley Construction and Village Staff, specific attention was paid to features that will help the project meet LEED Certification Requirements. LEED refers to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The certification process evaluates how well a building performs in relation to: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions, the quality of the indoor environment, stewardship of resources and more.

“Our goal is a silver level certification,” shared Mike Pollocoff, Pleasant Prairie Village Administrator. “It is important to us to do what we can as far as building a more sustainable lifestyle in the Village. As far as we know, this is the only indoor pool in the U.S. that is being designed with sustainability in mind.” The planning team will learn if they have qualified for LEED Certification, and at which level, upon completion of the project.

An innovative technology slated for use in the new pool is a heat transfer, geothermal technology. The technology will use energy derived from both air and water, in the adjacent Lake Andrea, to heat and cool the water and the air in the new pool. The same technology will then be applied to the existing aquatic center. The energy savings is expected to be substantial.

Pollocoff added, “Not only are we pleased about being able incorporate sustainable building practices, but we are also happy about creating a modest number of new local jobs.” Once complete, the new pool will employ approximately 30 people in lifeguard, swim instructor and coaching positions. Dennis Duchene, President of the Kenosha Area Convention and Visitors Bureau referred to the new pool as, “a great tool in tourism to introduce people to the community.” The new pool will support triathlon training programs, indoor triathlons and high-level sectional, state, and national competitive swimming events. It will have seating for approximately 600 spectators. The new pool is expected to draw many additional visitors to the Kenosha area each year.

No taxpayer dollars will be used for the construction or operation of the pool. The addition was made possible with assistance from Uline, who will become Pleasant Prairie’s largest employer during 2010. Operational costs will be paid for with program and event revenues.

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