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Dealing With Sewer Backups and Basement Flooding
Pleasant Prairie has recently received the worst flooding event on record. The Public Works department has recorded 6 inches of rainfall in less than one hour time frame on June 19. This record rainfall exceeded the capacities of all the storm water systems and caused Village wide flooding. The strong winds had blown down many trees in the Village, blocking many streets and waterways.

The Village President is working with Kenosha County Emergency Management and State officials to have this event declared a FEMA Disaster.

Friday night Village crews barricaded flooded roads, removed trees to keep roadways open, and bypass pumped the flooded sewerage pumping stations and treatment plants to keep up with the record flows in the sanitary sewer system. The Department of Public Works worked around the clock over the weekend to continue these operations.

Many of the sanitary sewer pumping stations lost power and were overwhelmed with excessive flows. This has caused many basements to back up throughout the Village. Public Works has received hundreds of calls as of Saturday morning.

If your basement was flooded, please document in writing (and with pictures if possible): your name, address, telephone number, water levels or depth, the time water flooded, the time water receded, an estimated value of loss, and other flooding related issues. Please email the documentation to Kenosha County Emergency Managementís Damage Hotline at emdisaster@co.kenosha.wi.us to report your damage.

A sewer backup can be very frustrating and stressful. This is a situation that must be dealt with in a very careful manner. If not handled properly, health and safety problems can occur, as well as significant property loss. PLEASE SEE THE PDF BELOW FOR IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION REGARDING SEWER BACKUPS AND BASEMENT FLOODING. The information contained in the document attached below can help protect you and your family from the hazards of raw sewage in your basement and show you practical methods for proper sanitation of your home and its contents if a back-up occurs. A quick response will go a long way toward limiting the possibility of long term health effects and property damage. This document also includes helpful links where you can receive additional information and advice. Keep it in a handy place for quick reference if you have a sewer problem.

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