What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Dog Licensing
In an effort to help cover the cost of increasing expenses related to caring for stray animals in the community, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved an increase of $2.00 per dog license issued in the Village. Prior to the changes, dog-licensing rates in Pleasant Prairie were $8.00 per spayed or neutered dog and $13.00 per non-spayed or neutered dog. With the increase, the new rates will be $10.00 and $15.00 respectively. “Since 2004, the Village’s stray animal cost has increased from $5,778/year to $18,604/year in 2008,” commented Kathy Goessl, Finance Director for the Village. “The increase will help cover some of the additional cost the Village is spending on stray animal care.”

In addition, a change to wording in the Village Ordinance allowing for half-price licenses after July 1 each year will now apply only to new puppies. In addition to helping cover some of the increasing stray care costs, the change will help offset fees paid to the County for dog licensing. Pleasant Prairie must pay Kenosha County $2.25 per spayed or neutered dog license and $7.25 per non-spayed or neutered dog license regardless of the date that the license was applied for. When previously issuing the half-price licenses after July 1 for all dogs, the Village was paying more to the County than it was collecting for the half-price license.

The new wording will bring the Pleasant Prairie Ordinance in line with wording in the state statute that requires that half price licenses be charged for licenses issued to dogs that become five months of age after July 1. “The changes should help to better cover costs for stray animal care while helping to reduce the amount of general tax revenues being used to cover the expenses,” added Goessl. “We have also tried to keep the increase to a level that would not be an undue burden on dog owners in the Village.”

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