What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Hazardous Materials Training
Fire & Rescue Departments from Pleasant Prairie, Bristol, Somers and Wheatland participate...

During the month of March, Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue, along with other area departments, participated in a 40-hour training program to better equip the departments to manage emergency incidents involving hazardous materials. The participating departments will work together as a Level B Response Team should a HazMat (hazardous materials) incident occur. The training was provided by Gateway Technical College instructors who are part of the State Level A Team operated by the Racine Fire Department.

The State of Wisconsin has established eight Level A Response Teams, offering the highest level of response. They also mandate that each of Wisconsinís 72 counties have a Level B Response Team. The March training has enabled area departments to provide more rapid assistance should a hazardous materials incident take place. The team has been trained to identify, assess and manage an incident site, as well as decontaminate those who may become exposed to a potentially hazardous material.

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