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09/17/2007 | Village Board Considers Construction of New Lift Station in Chateau Eau Plaines

On Monday, September 17, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board will consider the adoption of a final resolution that would authorize the construction of a new sanitary sewer lift station in the Chateau Eau Plaines subdivision. Approval of the final resolution would also allow the Village of Pleasant Prairie to levy a special assessment on currently undeveloped lots in the Chateau Eau Plaines subdivision to fund the improvements. A public hearing will be held on Monday, September 17, 2007 at 6:30pm regarding the matter.

Chateau Eau Plaines, which was first platted in the late 1970s, and surrounding areas have suffered problems with flooding and sanitary sewer control during past, heavy rainfall events. After flooding in 2004, plans were initiated to correct the sanitary sewer problems in the area. The capacity of an existing lift station was increased and one was eliminated. During recent heavy rainfall, the improvements, that were already performed, successfully managed flooding in the area.

The final resolution being considered on Monday is the final step in completing sanitary sewer improvements for the area. In keeping with the Village Land Division and Control Ordinance, the new development that will further impact sanitary sewers in the area would absorb the financial responsibility for the cost of the improvements. The levy of special assessments being proposed would only affect currently undeveloped lots that are platted in the subdivision. It would not have a financial impact on existing homeowners in the area.

If the final resolution were adopted, plans would proceed to build a new lift station. The new lift station would pump wastewater from the surrounding development east towards sewage infrastructure in the Prairie Ridge development. The wastewater would then find its way to the District D wastewater treatment facility.

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