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08/22/2007 | Village Tax Levy Lowest in Comparison

Recently, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities released information about municipal property tax collections for the entire State of Wisconsin. The League’s information shows that the Village of Pleasant Prairie has consistently had one of the lowest tax levies of any comparable municipality in the State of Wisconsin. A tax levy is that part of the municipal budget that is received from local property taxes.

When comparing municipalities, it is important to evaluate population, the geographic size of the municipality and the current assessed value of each municipality. The assessed value is the value of the tax base that property taxes can be collected upon. When considering these factors, the Wisconsin municipalities that are most comparable to the Village are: Mount Pleasant, Caledonia, Middleton, Germantown, Fitchburg and Muskego. Pleasant Prairie’s tax levy for 2007 was $7,319,650; the next lowest was Ashwaubenon at $7,819,801; and Mount Pleasant had the highest levy at $13,369,253.

In contrast, Pleasant Prairie paid the highest county tax levy of all of the comparable municipalities at $9,573,183 (paid to Kenosha County). The county tax levy is the tax levy which is paid by village taxpayers to the supporting county. Mount Pleasant had the next highest at $8,691,167 (to Racine County); and Muskego had the lowest payment with $4,653,950 going to Waukesha County.

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