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08/21/2007 | Open Records Requests

The Village of Pleasant Prairie is responsible for ensuring that all public records are open and accessible for all citizens to review. In an effort to make Village information as accessible as possible, a large amount is already available on this website.

On this site, you can find meeting times, agendas and minutes for Village Boards and Commissions meetings are available for viewing under the “Boards and Commissions” tab. It is expected that, within the next few months, a manageable and secure system will be in place to allow for cost-effective, electronic delivery of agenda packets via the website, prior to each board or commission meeting.

Also available at the Village website are: a complete listing of Village Ordinances (under About); voting information and documents (under Voting); public notices (under Public Notices); budget documents and financial statements (under Assessments & Taxes/Finance Department); news releases (under News); and much more information about Pleasant Prairie that would benefit Village residents. The Village’s goal is to place as much information on the website as possible.

In addition to the open records and information available via the Village website, the Village also has a Records Custodian who handles open records requests. The Village Clerk is the Records Custodian in the Village of Pleasant Prairie. Individuals seeking documents from the Village of Pleasant Prairie can contact the Village Clerk’s Office located in Village Hall at 9915 39th Avenue in Pleasant Prairie. Requests can be submitted during regular business hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm; Monday – Friday; excluding holidays.

Requests for open records are processed in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Documents can be requested to be reviewed during normal business hours or photocopied for pick up. Requests may be submitted to the Village either verbally or in writing, although written requests are preferred in order to make reasonably sure that the information provided is the same as that which was requested.

If photocopies are requested, the cost is $.25 per side of each page. The Village has charged this $.25 fee for several years (at least the past 13). The photocopying fee takes into account real and actual costs involved in duplicating the documents. In some cases, the cost involved in responding to a request may go beyond the cost of simply making a photocopy. In these cases, you may be charged for costs associated with complying with your request. These costs may additionally include: shipping, mailing, faxing, staff time to locate a record and the cost of other requested delivery methods.

State statutes specify that a response to your request must be provided “as soon as practicable and without delay.” The Village Clerk’s Office processes open records requests as their schedule allows, as they will not always have free time available, aside from other duties, to comply with requests at the moment they are received. In some cases, multiple departments throughout the Village may work cooperatively towards fulfilling your request, which may also take additional time. The Wisconsin Department of Justice urges that a reply to records requests be given within 10 business days. Should the Records Custodian not be able to fulfill your request within that time frame, they will notify you of this within the same period of time (10 business days).

The Records Custodian will notify you once the information you requested is available for review or, if applicable for pick up. When picking up copies of documents, payment of the photocopying fee will be required at the same time. For this reason, requested copies should be picked up, and all other business involving records requests must be conducted, during normal business hours (Monday–Friday; 8:00am – 5:00pm; excluding holidays).

For more information regarding open records requests in the Village of Pleasant Prairie, a Public Notice regarding Inspection of Public Records according to State Statute 19.34 (1) is on the website (under Public Notices) and is also posted in Pleasant Prairie Village Hall or you can contact the office of the Village Clerk during regular business hours.

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