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08/20/2007 | New Ordinance to Create Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions

At an August 20 meeting, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved the creation of Chapter 287 – Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions. The purpose of the ordinance is to “promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens…” according to wording in the proposed document. If approved, the new ordinance will create residency restrictions for repeat sexual offenders, offenders who use physical violence and those who prey on children.

“As our community continues to grow and develop, it is our intention to promote and maintain a safe, welcoming, and overall non-threatening, environment for all those who wish to live, work or recreate in our community,” commented Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator. “The Board agrees that now is the time to put certain protections in place, before a major tragedy can occur.” Similar legislation has been making news in other communities for some time now. “The creation of the ordinance at this time ensures that the Village will not become a default location for offenders whose placement in other municipalities is restricted,” added Mr. Pollocoff.

Chapter 287 restricts residency for sexual offenders and predators, stating that they may not establish a permanent or temporary residence with 2000 feet of certain locations deemed “Prohibited.” These locations include: schools, licensed daycare centers, parks, trails, playgrounds, places of worship, or any other place designated by the Village as a place where children are known to congregate. The chapter also limits activity of the same group, by preventing involvement in holiday events involving children under the age of 18. The chapter goes on to clarify how minimum distance separation is to be measured and highlights certain exceptions to the residency restrictions.

“The Village Board acknowledges that this is a controversial topic, but one that needs to be addressed,” commented John Steinbrink Sr., President of the Pleasant Prairie Village Board. “Pleasant Prairie, just like every other democratic community, cannot make itself immune to having offenders reside here. We, as a community, need to make very clear what our expectations are.”

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