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07/18/2007 | Pleasant Prairie Employees Receive Commendation for Heroic Act

On December 4, 2006 at 1:00 pm, Pleasant Prairie sanitation workers Glenn Thomas and Bob Heger were stopped at a traffic light, on their way to the landfill, when they witnessed a car crash into the front blade of a Kenosha County snowplow. As they watched, the roof of the car was torn off with a grandfather and his 2 two-year old grandchildren inside.

Glenn, who is also a Captain of Fire and Rescue for Paris Township and has emergency medical training, immediately dialed 911 and went to investigate the scene. Glenn found one boy had minor injuries and gave the first boy, while still in his car seat, to Bob Heger. Bob flagged down a passerby to help keep the child warm in their car.

By Glenn’s assessment, the second child had more serious injuries. Glenn placed this child, still in his car seat, in his garbage truck under a heater to keep warm. After roughly four minutes, a deputy arrived on scene and Glenn directed him to radio Flight for Life. Within 24 minutes, Flight for Live arrived at the scene.

After assisting with the rescue, Glenn accompanied the young boy to the Flight for Life helicopter, which took the child to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. The grandfather and other young boy were transported to St. Catherine’s Medical Center in Pleasant Prairie. It was later learned that the young boy, taken to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, had sustained both brain and spinal cord injuries.

Thanks to the help provided that day by Glenn Thomas, Bob Heger, and the other responders, all three passengers involved that day are doing well. Our gratitude goes out to Glenn and Bob for taking the time and care to go above and beyond their assigned duties and act quickly to help someone in a time of need. For this call, Bristol was awarded “Call of the Year” (a call were everything works perfectly).

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