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12/28/2007 | Fall “Workout-to-Lose” Challenge a Success

Participants lost a combined total of 544 pounds during the 8-week Workout-to-Lose fitness challenge at LakeView RecPlex. During the challenge, teams of four received fitness assessments and competed under the guidance of a personal trainer towards their goal of losing weight. Teams participated in weekly: exercise programs, weight loss tracking, private weigh-ins, and health and wellness seminars. At the end of the challenge, teams received another fitness assessment to measure their success.

The total 544-pound weight loss was celebrated at a closing ceremony. With each prior challenge, at least 200 collective pounds had been lost. “To see a group more than double the success of the challenge is truly inspirational!” commented Karin Brown, Fitness and Wellness Director at RecPlex. “Participants in the program have really embraced a healthy, balanced and sustainable approach to good health, and their success has inspired family and friends to take on the challenge as well. It’s the ripple effect in action!”

Because of the increased community response each time the program has run, RecPlex has added a Winter Workout-to-Lose program that will begin on January 7, 2008. For more information about the program or to be placed on a contact list for the next event, please call 262/925-6743.

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