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12/21/2007 | Tax Question...

Do you know how much of your total property tax bill, the Village of Pleasant Prairie keeps and uses?

When reading the question above, did you assume that the Village kept 100% of the property tax dollars you pay? Although Wisconsin law requires the Village to collect your entire property tax, only 19% of your payment stays here to fund Village services.

A combined 57% of your property tax supports education through the Kenosha Unified School District and Gateway Technical College, while an additional 23% is earmarked for Kenosha County programs including the Public Library. The average home in Pleasant Prairie is now valued at $270,700 and has a Village property tax of $887. This is an increase of $47 over last year. The bar chart you’ll see in the article Tax Bill Breakdown indicates who receives what portion of the property tax payments you make.

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