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12/20/2007 | CDA Lays Groundwork For Donation of Land to Kenosha/Racine Land Trust

During meetings held in the Village of Pleasant Prairie on the evening of Wednesday, December 19, a Certified Survey Map was considered, which will facilitate the transfer of land owned by the Pleasant Prairie Community Development Authority to the Kenosha/Racine Land Trust. The Certified Survey Map will divide properties located east of 120th Avenue and north of State Highway 165 into one 11.52 acre Lot and one 28.17 acre Outlot. The CDA’s intention is to donate the 28-acre Outlot to the Kenosha/Racine Land Trust for environmental protection purposes.

Once the donation is completed, it is expected that it will reap double rewards for the environmental protection group. The land donation will provide protection for the land, which lies in the Des Plaines River Floodplain, but it will also provide the environmental group leverage to secure additional Federal funding to purchase even more land for the purpose of preservation. It is expected that the donation will occur in January of 2008.

The Kenosha/Racine Land Trust was established in 1993. The group works to protect open spaces and natural areas throughout Kenosha and Racine counties. More information about the organization is available at their website, www.krit.org. The Certified Survey Map was considered and approved during meetings of the Community Development Authority, Plan Commission and Village Board.

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