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11/06/2007 | Pleasant Prairie Seeks Rail Commissionerís Assistance

During a November 5 meeting, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board passed a resolution requesting the assistance of the Rail Commissioner of the State of Wisconsin in dealing with a public health and welfare concern. The resolution was drafted in response to a request from residents who had previously tried to resolve an issue with the Canadian Pacific Railroad directly. The Canadian Pacific Railroad operates on tracks that run through the Village of Pleasant Prairie and that are under the jurisdiction of the State of Wisconsin through the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads. Canadian Pacific has a siding that runs parallel to the railroad tracks next to the Westwood Estates Mobile Home Park. During nighttime and early morning hours, Canadian Pacific parks train engines along this siding.

The resolution explains that train engines are being run loudly; radios are being played loudly; and the engines are emitting diesel fumes. These circumstances have created a hostile environment in which residents, who live as near as 30 feet from the siding, are unable to sleep and are exposed to noxious fumes for several hours at a time while the trains are parked there. After unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the issue directly with Canadian Pacific, residents approached the Village for assistance in mediating a solution.

Through the resolution, Pleasant Prairie has asked the State of Wisconsin Rail Commissioner to require that railroad engines park in an area that is not populated. The resolution also specifically asks that the Commissioner take all measures possible to prohibit the Canadian Pacific Railroad from parking engines on railroad sidings that have residential dwellings along the siding tracks. The resolution was addressed to the Office of the Rail Commissioner, because their office has the authority to request that railroads modify their operations when the safety and welfare of citizens is at stake. The Office also has the authority to request that a hearing be held through which an issue could be ordered regarding specific actions to be taken.

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