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11/06/2007 | Sewer and Water Rates to Remain Stable for 2008

As part of the 2008 budgeting process, the Village of Pleasant Prairie Sewer and Water Utilities are planning for major capital projects for the upcoming year. The following projects have been proposed for 2008: sanitary sewer main and water main installation in 80th Street; improvements to the Carol Beach water systems; and the installation of a force main lift station for the Chateau Eau Plaines area. The Sewer and Water Utilities will be able to complete these projects without having to affect a rate increase.

“We’ve taken a very critical look at the scope of the projects needed for 2008, and determined that we can complete the work within the current rate structure,” commented Mike Pollocoff, Pleasant Prairie Village Administrator. “Our intentions are to further improve the management of the sewer and water systems so they keep pace with the needs of our residents.” The Pleasant Prairie Water Utility manages the distribution of clean, potable water to residential and commercial properties throughout the Village. All of the water supply in the Village is purchased from the City of Kenosha Water Utility at a rate determined by the City Utility. The Pleasant Prairie Sewer Utility manages the collection of wastewater from residential and commercial properties in the Village. The Utility treats the wastewater to remove solid waste and impurities from the water before returning it to its source of origin.

Additional capital projects to be completed by the Sewer and Water Utilities in 2008 are the start of the updates to 73-1 Treatment Plant Abandonment and water main work along CTH “Q” in PrairieWood Corporate Park. These projects will be financed through Tax Increment District #2 as part of the groundwork being laid for commercial development on the west side of I-94. Projects financed through the TID are independent of projects financed by resident utility bills and will aid in the future growth and stability of the Village.

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