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10/25/2007 | I-94 North-South Corridor

In January of 2006 the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) began looking at reconstruction alternatives for the I-94 North-South Corridor in order to address safety and traffic issues related to the age and design of the corridor between Milwaukee and Kenosha. In addition to reconstructing parts of the freeway, WisDOT will reconstruct six interchanges in Kenosha County. One of the six is located at County Highway C (Wilmot Road) in Pleasant Prairie.

Some of the major components of the WisDOT plans for reconstructing the interchange at Highway C include:

  • Acquiring land directly adjacent to I-94 near Hwy C and relocating the businesses currently operating there
  • Extending the on-ramps and frontage roads away from the Interstate to accommodate stormwater management facilities
  • Raising the profile of both Hwy C and I-94 and installing detention basins to prevent flooding from the Des Plaines River
  • Working with the Village to install an on-street bike/pedestrian trail along the south side of Highway C

Preliminary engineering plans are expected to be completed yet this year, and WisDOT has already started acquiring the land adjacent to the interchange. Interstate and interchange construction in Kenosha County is expected to begin in 2009 and run through 2012. The entire I-94 North-South Corridor project between Kenosha and Milwaukee is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2017. Updates made at the Highway C Interchange and throughout the North-South Corridor will help accommodate increased traffic through Wisconsin between Chicago and Milwaukee.

In Pleasant Prairie specifically, better access will be established to accommodate commercial development planned for the west side of the Interstate. In addition, improvements made at the interchange will address current issues with flooding during times of heavy rainfall. For more information regarding the WisDOT plans for the I-94 North-South Corridor, please click here.

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