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10/25/2007 | Village Green Center

As part of fostering a sense of identity for the Village of Pleasant Prairie, planning began in 1994 for a “downtown” style center for the Village that would become a destination location. The project was given the name Village Green Center. It was noted, at that time, that additional growth in the residential community would need to occur in order to accommodate a retail-based community center.

Since that time, residential growth in the Village has flourished, and the decision was recently made to resume planning for a Village Green Center. The Center is proposed to be built on land north of Highway 165 and southwest of the intersection at Springbrook Road and 39th Avenue, near the Pleasant Prairie Post Office. Three planning workshops (Cafés) have been scheduled to discuss Village Green Center.

During the first workshop, those working on the project will interview residents, property owners and other stakeholders in the immediate area. The Developers will work with the Village Green Technical Advisory Committee to develop a description of existing conditions in the area. They will gain feedback from neighboring property owners and other Village residents as to their vision for the Center. This step will be accomplished through a Café style meeting, similar to the village-wide Café meeting that was held this past summer.

The second workshop will involve the development of concepts that will address the issues and opportunities relating to the location of the Center. During this step, those working on the project will also identify a visual preference for the architectural style of the Center. This step will be accomplished through a second Café style meeting with the Technical Advisory Committee, residents and other interested parties.

The desired outcome and final step will be to prepare a Neighborhood Plan amendment and another, more detailed, design guideline document regarding the character and identity that the Center will portray. The outcome generated at this stage will be reviewed during a third Café style meeting, when the Developers will describe the Plan with related details and will answer questions and concerns from the community. After these steps are complete, the Technical Advisory Committee, Village Plan Commission and Village Board will review the documents. The first Village Green Center Café is scheduled for November 15 at 5:45pm. For more information about the Café, or if you plan to attend, please contact the Community Development Department at 262/925-6717.

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