Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue Department


The Village of Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue Department is described as a combination department that utilizes full-time, part-time, and Paid-on-Call members, along with high school and fire science college interns, working together to provide high quality service to our community. The term "member" is commonly used throughout the American Fire Service to describe fire and rescue personnel as belonging to a team.

Full-Time Firemedics
The Fire & Rescue Department has twenty-six (26) full-time members. All 24 full-time personnel are cross-trained as both firefighter and paramedic, hence the title: Firemedic. Within the full-time personnel are the positions of Chief & Assistant Chief of Fire & Rescue, four (4) Lieutenants and twenty (20) Firemedics.

Each full-time Firemedic has received more than 1,200 hours of basic training either prior to hire or within the first year of becoming a member of the department. All full-time personnel are trained to the minimum requirement of Wisconsin certified Firefighter I and II, National Registry of EMT-Basic, and a Wisconsin certified Paramedic. Many of our full-time personnel have achieved additional levels of certification.

Both the Chief and Assistant Chief are assigned to work a typical business week, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition, the Chief officers rotate week to week on call during non-business hours to respond to emergencies as they occur. Fire Lieutenants and Firemedics are assigned to work a typical firefighter shift of 24 hours. The shift assignments are arranged to provide 24 hours of coverage every day of the year.

Paid-on-Call Fire/EMT/Paramedic
Our staff of more than seventeen (17) Paid-on-Call firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics closely resembles volunteer personnel. However our Paid-on-Call (POC) personnel are compensated for their service using an ascending scale commensurate with the training level they have achieved. Once selected as a member of the department, POC personnel contribute the time it takes to become familiar with our operations while enrolled in certification classes such as Wisconsin Certified Firefighter I and II, and the Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician Program.

Full-time, part-time and Paid-on-Call personnel participate in the same hiring process and training program to assure all personnel meet our qualifications and expectations. Ultimately, our POC members perform most nearly all of the tasks performed by the full-time staff associated with fire ground operations, rescue activities, and medical emergencies, as well as other support services at the scene of emergency operations. Paid-on-Call firefighters also assist in non-emergency activities to meet the fire and life safety needs of the community.

Part-Time Personnel
Part-time personnel are used to perform work within the fire stations. Personnel eligible to work part-time shifts come from within the Paid-on-Call ranks or in some cases from outside of our department. Personnel working part-time shifts are trained as paramedics; Motor Pump Operators (MPO) to operate the fire pumpers, grass, and ladder trucks; or hold both levels of training, MPO and Paramedic. Part-time personnel perform most of the duties performed by a full-time Firemedic.

College Student (Intern) Live-In Personnel
The College Student Live-In Program began in January 1988 to provide an opportunity for college students pursuing a degree in Fire Science to experience the life of a Firemedic. Students live in a shared dorm room in exchange for being assigned 24 hours of duty each week in one of the fire stations. Students provide their own meals and participate in basic training, as well as the department's continuing education program. Students who have a goal and remain focused can spend three (3) years with the department and leave certified as a Wisconsin Firefighter II, Motor Pump Operator, Nationally Registered EMT, and a Nationally Registered Paramedic. Most of our successful college students have gone on to full-time careers within the Fire & Rescue service.

High School (Intern) Program
Working in conjunction with the high schools of the Kenosha Unified School District, we provide an opportunity for students interested in a firefighting career to experience the life of a Firemedic. Students participate in station and vehicle maintenance, fire and rescue continuing education and fire inspection and public education programs, and can achieve the opportunity to respond on emergency vehicles. Successful high school student's have become college student interns or members of the Paid-on-Call staff and have gone on to achieve full-time career status.