Prairie Springs Park & Lake Andrea

Lake Andrea & Andrea Plaza

Lake Andrea and Andrea Plaza (located on the south side) are named after former Senator Joseph F. Andrea for his significant contribution to both the Village and the LakeView Corporate Park. Previous to 1995, the lake was an unsuccessful gravel pit. The extension of state highway 165 used the remaining gravel and fill, and the lakeshore was shaped as material was removed. It is now the beautiful focal point of the park, Lake Andrea. The lake consists of approximately 110 acres of spring-fed water, with a depth range of 4 to 45 feet (the deepest point located on the east shore by RecPlex). The water temperature in the summer months varies from 70 to 80 degrees. Some other important things to know about the lake are:

  • Boat launching is permitted with a DNR watercraft license (no gas powered boats allowed; electric trolling motors only).
  • Trailered boats or craft may be launched in the water at boat launch located on the north side of the lake, or portage of the craft may be done anywhere around the lake except for at the beach.
  • Wisconsin fishing license is required when fishing; all boats must also be properly licensed.
  • Catch and release fishing is strongly encouraged; the fish habitat is still being established.
  • Most of the fish that inhabit the water are northern pike, walleye, small and large mouth bass, crappie, blue gill, pumpkin seeds and carp.
  • Wind surfing seasonal passes were implemented in 2002. No wind surfing is allowed on the lake without this special pass. They may be purchased at the RecPlex (see Wind Surfing section below).

Seasonal Beach and Park Pass

  • Free with Annual RecPlex membership
  • Includes access to the beach and all gravel and paved lots
  • For sale only at RecPlex

Seasonal Wind Surfing Pass

Beginning in 2002, wind surfing seasonal passes will be required for use of Lake Andrea. Please be aware this is part of an ordinance that is currently being considered as of 4/00.

Archery Range

  • All bows must be cased during transport to and from the Archery Range
  • The range may not be utilized before sunrise or after sunset
  • It is unlawful to have a bow and arrow in any other area of Prairie Springs Park or in any other park in the Village
  • Usage is free to all park pass holders and RecPlex members
  • Daily pass is required for day use by non-pass holders and may be purchased at RecPlex:
    • Village Resident $4
    • Non-Resident $7